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Nantong Tiansheng Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic processing professional enterprise invested by Hong Kong Tiansheng International Co., Ltd. which integrates R&D, production and sales. Specializing in the production of PE isolation plastic wraps for tires, it is used for the isolation of rubber and air during the manufacture of radial tires to ensure the preservation and anti-oxidation of rubber compounds to improve tire quality. At the same time, it also produces LDPE and HDPE tubes and PE bags of various specifications. The product specifications are wide, and the width is 500mm~2300mm, and the thickness is 0.006~0.25mm. It is required to customize various special-shaped bags to meet the different needs of users.
Our company has advanced equipments, and it is the leader of many domestic and foreign companies. Among them, two self-developed three-layer composite film blowing and embossing machines have greatly improved product quality and production efficiency. They can produce more than 3,000 tons per year, and there are many different types of bag making machines to meet production needs.
Our company has strong technical force, has many professional technical engineers from Shanghai engaged in the plastic film industry for many years, has rich practical experience in product design and manufacturing, and can provide products and services with higher cost performance. Strict enterprise management, "quality first, reputation first, quality service, honesty and trustworthiness" as the purpose of the enterprise, "high quality products, high technology, high quality staff, high efficiency, high management standards" as the company's guidelines. There is a complete set of quality management system from procurement, production to sales. The system has passed ISO9001:2008 standard and obtained quality management system certification. The enterprise has formed a competitive advantage of "excellent equipment, excellent technology, superior management, and excellent products".
The PE cling film produced by our company has high strength, low light transmittance, good preservation performance and excellent peeling effect; all the indicators of the product have reached or exceeded the requirements of the tire industry, which is an ideal choice for tire production enterprises. Now it has been recognized by Shuangqian, Michelin and other well-known domestic and foreign brands and established cooperative relations. The PE plastic bags produced by our company have been exported to Japan and other places on the basis of domestic sales. I believe that through our sincere service, we can definitely become your trusted partner!

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